10.29.12 – The Wagners’ Visit

29 Oct

Our sweet baby girl met two uncles, two aunts, and a Grandpa last weekend when the whole Wagner crew joined Mimi and us for a little fall break fun. After a long drive through the night on Wednesday, they finally arrived early Thursday morning, and we were anxiously awaiting their arrival! Here is a quick recap:

Thursday: After some naps for the drivers, we headed into town for some lunch at Little Anthony’s and a little stroll through the shops. Afterwards, we hung around the house until Kyle got home from work and spent the evening relaxing and catching up.

Friday: Laney had her 6-month check-up and vaccinations in the morning. She was such a trooper as we headed into Philly to show Ryan and Kyla the historic district. First we stopped at Chickie and Pete’s for some steak sandwiches and crab fries. We checked out the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and made a quick stop at what Kyle likes to call the “historic Dairy Queen.” (It is really just a regular Dairy Queen next to Independence Hall.) Then we headed out to Linvilla Orchards for a little fall fun. Annie loved playing in the playground area. My dad joined in on the fun by climbing to the top of this climbing apparatus (see pics). I don’t think the other parents were too thrilled, because then ALL of the kids wanted to climb to the top. 🙂 We picked out some pumpkins in Pumpkinland and enjoyed some tasty treats from the market. Laney missed out on the fun by pretty much sleeping the whole day and night… poor baby!

Saturday: There were some Halloween festivities in our hometown, so Annie and Laney put on their Halloween costumes to join the fun. Mom, Dad, and Annie headed to the Community Center for some games, crafts, and treats. Afterwards, they enjoyed the Halloween parade that ran through downtown. Annie ended up with a nice candy stash, which she was pretty stoked about. The big kids and Laney enjoyed lunch and beverages at Iron Hill Brewery during the parade. After a little family photo shoot, we enjoyed relaxing and watching some football. In the evening, we carved our pumpkins and cooked some pumpkin seeds. We also finally busted out the bottle of champagne to celebrate our little girl (thanks, Ryan  and Mike!).

Sunday: We enjoyed a family breakfast and checked the latest on Hurricane Sandy. The fam decided to head out earlier than planned, so everyone packed up. Before they left, we listened to the Bears game on the radio while enjoying some carry out from BWW’s. We also played a round of “the pound game” (a family card game tradition) before they hit the road to beat the storm. Thankfully, they arrived some safely early Monday morning after a long drive through a lot of rain.

Here are some pics:

Delaney certainly loved all of the attention she received the last several days and weeks from my side of the family. I think she is wondering why it is so quiet around here again! We miss them already and can’t wait to move back to Illinois and see them more often. Luckily, she will get spoiled again this weekend when Nana and Papa Pott arrive to meet her! We can’t wait!

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