11.12.12 – Two Months Old

12 Nov

Our sweet baby girl turned two months today. I know every mom says this, but she grows and changes so much every day. Kyle said the other day if he left on a week long business trip he would return to a different baby! It is so true!

Delaney was 11 lbs 14 oz (90th percentile) and 22.5 inches long (85th percentile) at her 6 week appointment. The doctor was very impressed with her growth spurt. She said she would likely slow down on the growing, but we both think she is well over 12 pounds now and is definitely longer. I don’t think she will be wearing her 3 months clothes much longer!

Besides growing like crazy, she is also becoming much more interactive. She loves to talk and coo at you when she is alert like you are having a conversation. She smiles all of the time now – even spontaneously. During play time, she is starting to learn to use her hands in a more controlled manner. She loves swatting at hanging toys in her seat and on her play mat. She has even started grabbing things – hair, paci, toys, etc.

Her eyesight is much improved. She loves looking at faces, lights/fans on the ceiling, her mobile, and anything with contrast or bright colors. She also is gaining control of her head as her neck gets stronger. When being held upright or in a sitting position, she likes to hold her head up to see what’s going on. I think we will be able to use her Bumbo seat pretty soon!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t like to hold her head up during tummy time. She rubs her face in the mat, licks the mat, sucks her hands… pretty much anything but hold her head up. She does a little better on mom or dad’s tummy, but we’re working on it. She definitely has the legs down though – they are ready for crawling.

The best part is her improved night-time sleeping! Lately, we have been getting 5-6 hour stretches twice a night, which is great! This week we are making the move to the big girl crib, so hopefully that continues!

She is such a joy, and we can’t wait for more firsts!

Here are some more pics from our 2 month photo shoot:

2 Responses to “11.12.12 – Two Months Old”

  1. Grandma November 14, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    She is the cutest great-grandbaby on earth.

  2. Linda Wagner November 15, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    Can’t believe how big she’s getting!
    And even more beautiful. Can’t wait to hold her again. Brings tears to my eyes just reading about your move closer :).

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