12.2.12 – Overdue Update

3 Dec

We arrived home yesterday after an 11 day tour de Midwest. It was a lot of fun to see so many family members and friends, but today was a much welcomed day of rest. I have been frantically going through and editing the hundreds of pictures I snapped during our visit while Kyle was home to help with Laney. We have two short weeks left in PA (is it really December already?), and there is much to do in little time.

In the pictures below, you will find:

1. Thanksgiving – We had an awesome Thanksgiving at my parents house despite my illness. I unfortunately spread that illness to a couple of others (so sorry!). Laney was passed around for many photo ops and first snuggles. She was so tired due to her lack of interest in napping. Therefore, she looks quite somber in many of the pics, but she was still the star of the show. We joked around about starting a dance card to schedule time to make sure everyone got their turn. She looked at me with concern over the next few days as I lost my voice. She knew my face but was quite unsure about the voice talking to her, so I was glad there were so many other people around to love on her.

2. Birthdays – We had a couple of birthdays on Thanksgiving and Kyla’s was a couple of days before, so there are some birthday-related photos as well.

3. Jacob’s basketball game – Laney got all dressed up to cheer on her Uncle Jacob and Grandpa against Tri-Central. They won in double overtime, and she was the cutest fan there. Unfortunately she had a diaper blow-out before we could get a pic of her with Jacob. Go Tigers!

4. Hardie’s and Lehto’s Visit – My best friends Kandyce and Ashley and their adorable little ones came up to meet Laney for the first time. We got some pretty precious pictures of Laney meeting her new besties. 🙂

5. Other random shots from the weekend at my parents’ house.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable holiday weekend. Enjoy!

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