12.12.12 – 3 Months Old

12 Dec

12.12.12 is an exciting day in the Pott house – and not just because of the unique date. It is Laney’s 3 month birthday! And in “big girl” fashion, she slept through the night last night. Kyle and I woke up at 4:30 and said, “Has she woken up yet?” to each other. We checked on her, and she ended up sleeping until 5:45! She had only done this once before over Thanksgiving, so we are pretty pumped. Laney also giggled at us for the first time the night before her big birthday, which was absolutely heart-warming and adorable. So we are just proud parents all around today!

3 months

As I mentioned in the previous post, she is getting better at tummy time. She can lift her head to 45 degrees and is more tolerable of spending a few minutes on her tummy a few times a day. She has also started rolling a little on her side when she is on her back. Everything is going into her mouth these days as she gets better with her hands. She loves to chew on her toys, shirt, car seat strap, Mom’s finger… really anything she can get in her mouth. Early stages of teething maybe?? Or just learning? We shall see…

You hear this all of the time, but it is so amazing how she learns new things each day. From smacking her lips…to raising her feet into the air and slamming them down… to new ways of using her voice… to figuring out those hands and feet… every day is new and exciting! She still likes to “talk” to us and listen to books. She likes to “sing” along to songs when she is sleepy. She also has a sleepy talk like she is talking herself into sleep that is so cute. I am just so thankful I get to spend this time at home with her and witness these changes.

She isn’t overly consistent with nap times, but if she is sleeping 8+ hours at night I’ll take it! Usually she will stay awake 1-2 hours and take a nap. She lets me know by getting a little fussy and digging her face into my arm. Usually an hour mid-morning and 1-2 hours twice in the afternoon. We have a little bedtime routine of bath (with soap every other night), bottle and story time, and bed, and she seems to like the consistency. Rare is the night where she won’t soothe herself to sleep – usually only when she is a little overtired and wired.

I have been feeling a little guilty about the craziness she has endured the last couple months with airplane rides, strange houses, shopping, traveling, movers, etc. Hopefully it will just make her more flexible and isn’t putting too much stress on her. I know it will all be worth it in the new year. She seems pretty happy sleeping next to me right now (the movers are being too noisy for her to sleep). I love my Laney snuggles!

Let the craziness of moving begin! Below are some pics of our little big 3-month-old. Apparently the leather was cold on her toes, because she kept sticking her legs straight out and staring at her feet. It was pretty funny! Our last monthly photo shoot in this house – next month we will have the same chair but a new venue!

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