2.5.13 – A Day in the Life of Laney

5 Feb

I thought it would be fun to do a “day in the life of Laney.” So Friday, I started taking pictures from the time she woke up. Halfway through the day I realized we had a babysitter coming over so Kyle and I could go out with some friends. So basically… most of the pics are from Friday, but the evening/bedtime routine pics are from Monday. You get the idea, right?

So, here we go!

8:00 AM – Good morning, beautiful! I normally get big smiles, but she was like, “Why the heck are you taking pics of my so early, Momma?”

_MG_5035 _MG_5034

Diaper change! Normally poopy…today was no exception. 🙂 I love how she holds her legs up for me like a good girl.


Breakfast time! (really second breakfast – I also fed her at 4:30 AM before my workout but didn’t think to take a pic of that one)


Play time! It is amazing how she advances every day/week on what she can do on her play mat.

_MG_5049 _MG_5052 _MG_5062 _MG_5060 _MG_5059 _MG_5063

Tummy time! (during a Valentine’s day photo shoot – more on that later) The photo shoot is not an every day occurrence…obviously!


Bumbo time! We have discovered a new game of throw all the toys on the floor so Momma can put them back on my tray.

_MG_5083 _MG_5088 _MG_5086 _MG_5085 _MG_5084 _MG_5092 _MG_5091 _MG_5089

Mom! Stop taking pics and pick up my toys!


9:30 AM – Nap time! We play our little giraffe music box while Momma rocks me. Then off to my crib I go!


Meanwhile…Mom is switching laundry, downloading pics, getting dressed, etc.

10:30 AM – Someone is peeking at me! We usually get dressed at this point.


Help Momma with the laundry. AKA – eat the clothes!


Lunch time!

Photo Feb 01, 11 11 14 AM

Playing and giving each other kisses. 🙂

Photo Feb 01, 11 19 56 AM Photo Feb 01, 11 19 46 AM

12:00 PM – Nap time again! AKA lunch time for Momma!

1:15 PM – I caught someone snacking on her shirt!


More tummy time. 🙂

_MG_5114 _MG_5112 _MG_5110 _MG_5107

Mom… I would really rather be on my play mat.


Sometimes I hang out in my bouncy seat.

_MG_5101 _MG_5105

Sometimes we read stories.


And sometimes we run errands.

Photo Feb 04, 3 47 15 PM

My favorite part of the day was when she snuggled up on my chest after her 2:15 PM afternoon snack. We talked and sang and rocked. Her teeth must have been bothering her or something, because she isn’t normally this snuggly during awake time. I didn’t get a picture, because I was afraid to ruin the moment.

2:45 PM Eventually she fell asleep, and I clipped those nails! Then I frantically tidied up the house before the sitter arrived.

3:45 PM Someone is up again! We repeat more of the same playtime…

5:15 PM Daddy’s home!

_MG_5119 _MG_5120 _MG_5121

Hang with Dad while Mom gets dinner ready…they usually watch Pardon the Interruption (PTI).

6:00 PM – We eat dinner while Laney hangs out in her chair and entertains us with her chatting and noises.

_MG_5242 _MG_5237

Mom and Laney hang out while Dad cleans up dinner and makes his lunch.


7:00 PM – Laney and Dad play on our bed and get ready for little girl bath time!

_MG_5258 _MG_5254_MG_5265_MG_5271 _MG_5270

Bath time! (trust us… she is adorable in the bath with her sweet little rolls and splashing water everywhere)

Mommy gets me all lotioned up and dressed for bed.


7:30 PM – Lights out! Bottle, book, and bedtime. Night night, Laney Bug!


There you go! Hope you enjoyed a peek into our typical day. They keep flying by, and we are loving every minute!

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