5.19.13 – Weekend Wrap-up

19 May

We had a fun extended weekend in Chicago. This weekend was the true pack n’ play test, since we did not get much sleep on our last visit. She slept like a champ. The pack n’ play mattress we purchased has been a life saver! Here is a quick recap of our weekend:

Thursday – Nana, Laney, and I got to go visit Emily and RJ. Baby RJ is so tiny compared to Laney. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of someone smaller than her (smaller than she ever was!), and she really wanted to grab him as you will see in the pictures. She also gave out a sympathy cry whenever RJ cried and was scared of Auntie Em’s laugh. Silly girl. 🙂

Friday – Daddy and I took Laney for her first ride in our new jogging stroller (love it!). We went three miles, and she loved it! She kept looking back at us with her cute little smirk. 🙂 Afterwards, we headed to the park for her first ride in a swing. She wasn’t too sure at first but warmed up to it in no time. It got a little close to nap time and we had a minor meltdown after she bumped her head on the bouncy seat. Friday night, Kyle and I had a date night in the city at RPM Italian. It was very tasty, and we had a great time catching up with friends afterwards. Thanks to Nana and Papa for babysitting!

Saturday – We met a couple of friends for breakfast at a local diner. We also got to hang with baby RJ some more. We took turns snuggling with him and went for a stroll.

Sunday – It was time to head home. Laney Bug sure was excited to be home. 🙂

I’m still learning my new lens, but I’m pretty excited about some of the pictures I took this weekend:

We are looking forward to a full week at home, but we are even more excited about Memorial Weekend! We need this warm weather to continue so we can go swimming. Can’t wait for Bug to wear her cute little swimsuit! Have a great week, everyone!

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