9.12.13 – One Year Old!

12 Sep
Dear Delaney,
Happy First Birthday, sweet girl!! It is so hard to believe you are one year old already. This year has been the best year of our lives. We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy! In preparation for your party, we have been looking back at all of the pictures and videos from the past year. It is amazing how much you have grown and changed. And it is certainly hard to remember life before Laney. It must have been so boring! You bring us so much fun and laughter and joy each and every day. We are so proud of you!
Your hair just keeps on growing and getting thicker. I keep trying to put it in a pony tail, but we aren’t there yet. 🙂 You are still working on those bottom molars, but they are starting to finally peek through. Your face seems to change daily, and you look more and more like a toddler. You still fit in your 12-18 months clothes really well, so I think you’ll be in that size a bit longer.
The big news this month is you have really made some strides in the mobility department. You learned how to get to a sitting position from laying on your belly. You push your self backwards, do the splits, and bring your legs around. The routine is always finished with clapping for yourself. 🙂 We found you sitting up in your crib a few times when you should have been sleeping, but you seem to have that figured out now. You also are getting really good at standing and really enjoy doing it now. You can even hold yourself up on your own for a second before losing your balance. You are also starting to enjoy “walking” while holding mama’s or dada’s hands, but you are still stiff-legged. 🙂 You also like standing while holding on to your toy box or couch, tossing things to the ground, sitting down to get them, and getting back up again.
You are also really improving in the eating department. You have been eating more and more table food and less and less baby food. Some new favorites include: macaroni and cheese, whole peas, and fruit cereal bars. And no more bottles! You have been such a good sport about the change in your bedtime routine and the disappearance of your bottles. You are also drinking whole milk instead of formula like a champ. Such a big girl! You’ve also caught on to the signing we have been doing for months. You will sign eat, more, all done, and milk for us.
You still LOVE music and dancing – especially if it involves clapping and a good beat. You still are a huge fan of animals – real and stuffed. You’ve also learned what a phone is all about. Anytime you hear our phones make noise, you put your hand to your ear and say, “Hi!” So cute! You’ve also added ears and toes to the body-parts-you-can-point-to list. Just this week you put your hands over your eyes to play peek-a-boo. You love playing with your toys either alone or with company. You use the shaggy rug to help you get to them on your belly. Or you scoot around on your bottom with your feet – often spinning in circles. If it is just out of reach, then you look to us for help. Not sure you will ever crawl, but that’s ok.
You love being silly and laughing. You imitate everything – noises, gestures, and even some words! We think you say: mama, dada, hi, bye, hot, I love you, and all done. It’s not always consistent, so we aren’t counting them as first words yet but we can definitely tell you are trying.
We love you so, so much! You are our smart, funny, silly, sweet, and beautiful baby girl, and we’re so thankful you are ours. You are God’s greatest gift to us!
Mommy & Daddy
12 month pics:

I tried a new lighting set-up for her formal 12 month pics this month, and I am so happy with how they turned out! She even stood on her own for a second. This the same bloomer and headband she wore in her newborn pics – they barely still fit. 🙂 What a difference a year makes!

IMG_3268 _MG_9105

One year of Laney:

2 Responses to “9.12.13 – One Year Old!”

  1. Brittany Jones September 12, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    Jamie, your letter to Laney is beautiful! How nice that will be for her to read one day. Laney has also been blessed with wonderful parents. She’s a lucky girl! I love all of her pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Happy Birthday, Laney!

    • jamiepott September 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

      Thanks, Britt! You are so sweet! Hope all is well with you guys. Your little ones are so adorable. They grow so fast! We need to plan a get together. I’m sure the girls would have so much fun together.

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