11.23.13 – Happy Birthday, Kyle! And an update…

23 Nov

It’s been awhile! Things have been busy gearing up for the holiday season…

2013-11-14 16.18.15-2


First, we had a very special Friday. It was Kyle’s 29th birthday! We had lunch out with Daddy and a nice, low-key mini celebration at home for dinner. Nana’s spaghetti and chocolate cake were the birthday boy’s requests.

2013-11-22 12.32.582013-11-22 12.32.38IMG_2041IMG_2040


Someone is a big fan of Daddy’s balloon.

2013-11-22 16.30.29



It was also Auntie Kyla’s and Uncle Jacob’s birthdays this week, so a very happy birthday to them as well!

In other news, last week we had a lot of fun with Auntie Em, Uncle Rick, and cousin RJ. Laney loved giving RJ lots of hugs and kisses. She was very gentle with him – until he was playing with her toys. But she did pretty well with sharing for her age. We had fun taking pictures of smiley RJ while the daddies went to the U of I game. (Or actually enjoyed exploring campus since the football team is terrible…)

2013-11-16 08.09.41-1 2013-11-16 09.26.30


Sunday was a little scary with all of the crazy tornado weather in the Midwest. It is so sad to see all of the devastation, and we are so thankful that we and our families are OK.

Since then, we’ve been mastering the walker (when she wants to – stubborn girl!):

And working on cruising the furniture (despite her protests):

She is actually getting pretty good at taking 4-5 steps in between Daddy and I.

We had some fun with Annie and Mimi:

And some fun around the house and at the playground when it’s not too windy:

2013-11-21 16.16.28 2013-11-21 16.16.03 2013-11-19 13.40.27 2013-11-19 13.39.56 2013-11-18 18.37.54 2013-11-18 18.33.21


Most importantly, we are trying to start a new hair trend… the alfalfa pony tail!

2013-11-22 08.19.57


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week already…I love this time of year!


P.S. I started a photography business. Feel free to visit (and “like”) my Facebook page. And if you or someone you know is looking for child or family portraits in the Bloomington-Normal area, I would be glad to help you. Thanks! 🙂

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