2.4.13 – Walk This Way

4 Feb

Our sweet girl had a bit of a breakthrough on Super Bowl Sunday. Kyle and I really couldn’t believe our eyes as she stood up and walked around many times playing with the other little girls present at our friends’ party. As we have suspected for many weeks now, our little angel is quite capable to fly on her own, but she is quite stubborn about performing a new skill on her own before it has been perfected.

Monday morning she was quite tired and crabby from her late night, but sure enough she was walking more often and longer distances than ever before without prompting. And this evening… we actually played our “chase Laney” game without holding her hand for a little while.

So we have concluded that we can officially say we have a “walker.” She still often prefers a helping hand or crawling, but I can see her gaining confidence each day. I know before long I won’t be able to keep up with her.

I realized that I hadn’t gotten my camera out to capture some of our everyday moments in quite some time, let alone her first steps. I’ve been so focused on my iPhone 365 project and starting my photography business that I haven’t had the energy I guess. So today I grabbed my camera and went back to why I started this photography journey in the first place… capturing the little moments (including our favorite time of day when daddy comes home!). They aren’t technically perfect pictures, but I love them just the same.

Love her baby blues…


And she is getting pretty speedy at climbing those stairs!


I may lose my patience with her sometimes when I think she is ready for something and she doesn’t agree, but I am just so blessed to be her Momma. Hope everyone is staying warm tonight!

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