4.12.14 – Spring Break 2014

12 Apr

Are you prepared for a monster of a post? Good, because we had a pretty great spring break with lots of pics and videos to show for it.

Grandpa and Mimi were kind enough to invite us on Spring Break to Okaloosa Island, Florida with them this year. With Kyle required to travel for work half of the week anyway, we quickly said YES!

I will admit I was a little nervous about the flight. The only reasonable flights available were smack in the middle of nap time. It only took about ten milk explosions for us to wise up and unscrew the cap of her sippy to release some pressure before opening the straw. Other than getting a milk bath several times during both flights, they went very smoothly. She didn’t nap, but she really hung in there.

My advice for flying with a toddler: a couple of new toys (like these), these headphones for Barney viewing (I have a new appreciation love for Barney and his annoying friend Baby Bop), and emergency beloved snacks (like Reese’s puffs). And, of course, watch out for sippy cups that have experienced too much pressure during flight. Oh, and leave your germaphobe issues at the airplane door, because there isn’t enough hand sanitizer in the world to keep your toddler from encountering a bazillion germs from touching every possible disgusting surface on that airplane. Some fun photos and Laney’s enjoyment of her first take-off of memory:

2014-04-05 12.36.10 2014-04-05 12.17.57

Laney was of course thrilled to see everyone when we finally arrived. We enjoyed some of the best pizza I’ve had in awhile and called it a night. Sunday was chilly, foggy, and rainy, but we managed to squeeze in some beach time and  a couple walks. Baby Bug was NOT a fan of the sand (i.e. refused to put her landing gears down) until she realized she got to splash in the water. That night we enjoyed a tasty dinner at McGuire’s Irish Pub and picked up some Donut Hole donuts for the next morning.


Monday: torrential downpour. The only indoor activity nearby was the Emerald Coast Science Center. The price was right (cheap) and provided an hour or so of entertainment – at least until we could call it lunchtime. Here are some pics:

We scooted on over to Props Brewery where we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which resulted in Laney running around like a crazy person…and an unfortunate accident where Mimi chased her onto a freshly mopped floor and ended up smelling like a mop bucket the rest of the afternoon. We also hit up the HUGE outlet mall in Destin and had pizza (again) from Helen Back (also good).

Tuesday: finally some sunshine! We made it a day at the beach – it was a little chilly during cloudy times, but overall a gorgeous day. Laney finally started warming up to the whole sand experience and was very upset when it was time for a nap. We enjoyed some tasty Mexican at La Cabana Del Amigo and got some fro-yo at Bippy’s at the Beach.

Wednesday: We had a little dance party in the morning, and then we decided to check out the Gulfarium despite its reviews as a “sad little place.” It was OK. We then had lunch at Floyd’s Shrimp House, which was pretty tasty with an ocean view. The girls had fun running around on the deck outside. We hit up the beach in the afternoon and said goodbye to Daddy. 😦 We had Caffe Italia one89 for dinner. The food was good but portions were small – especially for the teenage boys. It was a gorgeous setting and ambiance, and again the girls had fun running around on the deck outside.


Thursday: was a day full of beach fun with absolutely perfect weather. Laney finally decided that sand was fun and that Jacob was her favorite person ever. We played a couple of tough matches of beach volleyball and all got a little too much sun. We ate some southern comfort food and pie at Mary’s Kitchen. After dinner, the big kids had some fun taking a couple spins around the go-cart track.

Friday: unfortunately, Laney was increasingly whiney the last couple of days and woke up really early the last day. Florida has been wonderful for her eczema – not so great on her nose. She actually took two naps, but we did squeeze in a little beach time. After her second nap, we ate dinner at Hog’s Breath Saloon and Laney had so much fun dancing to the live music. We also went to Sugar Land for some ice cream where Laney was literally a kid in a candy store. She was running around grabbing things off of the shelves like a crazy person. After ice cream, we took one last trip out to the beach and packed for home.

Saturday morning ended up being more eventful than I planned. I got a later start to the airport than I wanted. The lines at the tiny regional airport were then longer than I anticipated. I was in a full sweat by the time I made it through security where I nearly left my laptop. God bless the lady who offered to push my stroller as I was running with my screaming child and two bags to my gate just in time to board before departure. The stewardess told me the wrong gate for my second flight, and I had to hightail it to a different terminal. I couldn’t find an open restroom to change Laney before the second flight. She pooped right after I had finally changed her. I was starting to just laugh at the days events, but the day turned around on the second flight with an open seat next to me for prime Barney viewing, and Laney actually took a catnap. I am extremely thankful for all of the kind people who offered to lend me a hand today – maybe because I looked like a train wreck, but more likely out of the goodness of their hearts.

We are finally home safe and sound. I knew I had made it back to Illinois when the plane was bouncing all over the place during the landing because of the wind. And boy does it feel good to be home.

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