1.12.15 – Snow Play!

12 Jan

Yesterday Kyle’s parents came down to help Kyle install a heater in the garage for his workout area (aka the Pain Cave or whatever he is calling it these days). Nana, Laney, and I took advantage of the warmer weather (is 30 degrees the new warm?) and finally got a chance to “touch da snow!” Laney of course didn’t remember the snow from last year (she wasn’t even walking on her own yet!), and I don’t think she knew she could actually play in it up until this point. I was fully anticipating us getting all bundled up and her deciding she was good just touching it from the safety of the sidewalk, but she LOVED it! My cautious little babe is growing up so quickly these days. We threw it in the air, made snow angels, and even tasted it (not a fan!). I am so glad I had my camera ready to capture the fun, because this will definitely be one of my favorite moments from this winter. And I love when Laney gets some quality time with her grandparents and I can just sit back and snap away. (Nana and I got a good laugh about her looking a little like Randy from A Christmas Story).

I also took a few pictures for my Project 52 last week:

594A0265 594A0264 594A0258

Hope you all have a great week! My little girl is awake!

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