2.15.15 – Laney Update

15 Feb

We are one month away from the 2.5 year mark, so I thought I would do a quick update of what Laney has been up to lately.

Her favorite/least favorite activities and favorite foods have not changed much since my last post. Her eating has been a lot better as of late – perhaps due to a growth spurt. She is starting to grow out of her 2T clothes. Her naps have been hit-or-miss since being sick and having a couple of action-packed weekends. But *most* days she will still nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Other days she chats with her stuffed animals until I come get her (or throws them out of the crib and starts crying so that I will come into the room and she can try and talk me into rocking her).

She is the queen of stall tactics, and we live life by the timer of “5 more minutes.” Even when we don’t have anything to do or anywhere to be, she wants me to set the timer for “five more minutes; beep is off!” When the timer goes off, then she is suddenly hungry or is “scratchy” and needs some lotion or has a sudden interest in cleaning up her room/toys. Luckily, she usually listens to the timer so far and we have been able to use it to our advantage. 🙂

She has been impressing us with her ABC and counting skills lately. She really likes singing now and has several songs she will sing randomly – “Jesus Loves Me,” “Hokey Pokey,” “ABC’s,” “Ring Around the Rosey,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to name a few.

Other funny sayings/happenings:

“Hold you me!” is how she asks to be held/carried by us.

She often says “mama-dada” when making requests even if only one of us is present. I guess covering her bases in hopes of getting her needs met.

Reading books by herself – she will slam it and say, “AMEN!” or “THE END!” at the end. She will also “read” some and turn the book to “show the class” the pictures and say, “See!?”

One morning she was really whining about everything: Me: “Oh my, did you not get enough sleep!?” Laney: Stops whining. “YUP!”

We were chasing each other around the house. Laney stops, lays down, and says, “I take a rest!”

She still loves a good dance party and cracks us up with her moves.

After watching Curious George Halloween – she loves to yell “BOO!” And we have to act so surprised.

Never a dull moment with her. Love her to pieces!

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