4.26.15 – Weekend Wrap-up

26 Apr

We had a super fun, quick trip to Indiana last weekend. Laney was so excited to see the Wagner crew, but I think she was MOST excited about Uncle Ryan’s birthday party and assisting with blowing out his candles. She shouted, “AGAIN!” afterwards.

2015-04-25 18.03.59 2015-04-25 18.04.50

We wore our plaid fully expecting Ryan to be in plaid, but he wasn’t! But he made a change just for us. 😉2015-04-25 21.24.14

In my Laney update, I forgot a few phrases she has been saying lately.

1. “Guess what?! Go to teacher, go to lunch (wunch)!” I think this started from days she has school and we eat lunch afterwards, but it has become a regular saying all days of the week, which makes me giggle.

2. I recorded, “Set the timer (tima)!” for family to hear. Not her usual enthusiasm, but you get the idea.

3. “________ comin'” Laney says this when something is gone that she hopes will return soon. “Daddy’s comin'” “Moon’s comin'” etc.

4. Saying hi and bye to random things. When she can see the moon during the day, “Oh hi moon! How are you?”

5. And a related note, she is always commenting on the weather. “Mommy I see clouds! So beautiful!” “Where’d the clouds go?!” “Is sunny today!” “Sun is hidin’ behind the clouds.”

She is soo excited to be outside, go to the park, and wear her shorts/sandals! Such a funny change from when we went from pants to shorts last spring. She kept pulling her shorts down – she just couldn’t understand why they were so high. I just love her!

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