6.28.15 – Vacation Part I

28 Jun

We are home from vacation. It was a really awesome week and a half. Just what my soul needed – some belly laughs with my family and watching the wonder of vacation through my baby girl’s eyes. Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We were all sad to leave, but it also feels good to be home. We are refreshed (mostly – still catching up on sleep) and ready to get back to our routines. More on the vacation recap later, but I wanted to share my first set of pictures from our visit with Kyle’s grandparents in Myrtle Beach. It is always lovely to see them – even if for a short time. And it was extra nice to have some home co0king after being on the road – such kind and generous hosts they are! Laney couldn’t stop talking about getting to the beach, so we took her for a quick trip after dinner with her great grandparents. The light was so lovely until the storms rolled in. Love being able to let her do her thing while capturing her personality in the moment. It was a pretty perfect evening and an awesome start to our vacation.

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