9.12.15 – Happy 3rd Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep

Dear Delaney,

It’s hard to believe the big birthday is finally here. We’ve been talking about it for months. You’ve waited very patiently. “Today’s not my birthday. It’s ___’s birthday.” And today I finally get to say it’s YOUR day! I think Daddy and I are just as excited as you are to celebrate you and all of the joy you bring to our lives.

This letter is always hard and easy for me to write at the same time. It’s hard to put into words how much I love you and what I want to tell you each year. But it’s easy to think of all of the ways you make our lives fuller and more meaningful. I get an overwhelming feeling of joy (and a few happy tears) when I really stop to think about what a miracle you are. You are truly my greatest dream come true. (and I’m crying already)

This year sure was a lot of fun. You have such a fun, happy, silly personality. You love to make people laugh and demand to be the center of attention. You are so animated. Like a little sponge, you pick up new sayings and mannerisms from everything and everyone. For example, you LOVE Paw Patrol and like to pretend you’re a puppy including licking Daddy’s face instead of giving him a kiss. “Sing with me” or “dance with me” are some of my favorite ways that you brighten my day. I pray that you are always this happy. That you’re never afraid to be silly or spread your joy to others.

Your little imagination is blossoming. How quickly it develops sometimes surprises me, and I hope I do nothing more than encourage it to grow. I love watching you play and seeing where your mind takes you. Right now it is all about mermaids, princesses, sparkly things, and animals. And I can’t wait to see where our adventures take us this year.

You have inherited my Type-A perfectionist tendencies. I guess that was bound to rub off on you a bit when we spend so much time together. It first hit me earlier this year when you didn’t want to dump the container of blocks out for building because it would make a mess. We had to take a few pieces out at a time. I promised you and myself that day that I would encourage you to make more messes. But I need you to promise me that you will never let fear of not doing something well keep you from trying, OK? “Try, try again!” Some of our greatest learning comes from making mistakes and messes. I push you to do something yourself or make a mess (as frustrating as that is for you) so that you will learn this important lesson. And I’m happy to report we dump all of the blocks out every time now (maybe I should have rethought this one). But maybe we can go ahead and start pooping on the potty? (You are so stubborn about that one!) 😉

You love being outside. Picking flowers, piling up rocks, jumping on the trampoline, dancing in the rain, playing tag, and splashing in water are some of your favorite things. Your daddy does an amazing job at encouraging you to explore and try new things. I am so lucky that he encourages you in the ways I am lacking. I hope you always cherish the time you two spend together.

You started preschool recently, and you love it. I hope your love of learning never stops. It makes my heart so happy how much you love books and reading. You are a very smart little girl, and I’m really proud of you for working so hard to learn your letters. But more importantly, baby girl, I want you to learn kindness and empathy. I love that you are concerned when a friend is crying (“she bumped her head!” “she lost her mommy!”), and I want to keep nurturing that empathy. I will keep pushing you to share and to think about how others are feeling so that you learn to be a good friend. And you are really doing a great job so far. I know it is hard when you are used to it just being you.

You are a beautiful little girl inside and out. This year was certainly one for the books. We had tons of fun, some tears, and a few “I’m sorrys.” We are both learning on this journey, but I am loving every minute. Here’s to another year of fun, learning, and exploration. You are certainly my favorite adventure!

Happy birthday, Delaney! I’ll eat you up, I love you so!


Mama and Daddy

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