10.31.15 – Halloween

31 Oct

I was super excited for the first holiday of the fall season this year. Holidays are so exciting again once you have kids, and three years old is a pretty magical year in the holiday department. Laney was SO excited to trick-or-treat as a “sparkly mermaid princess.” And I was so excited that it wasn’t -20 degree windchill this year (even if it was a little rainy).

We had just returned from Hawaii, but we were really excited for Aunt Kyla and Uncle Ryan to join in on the fun this year. We carved/painted pumpkins, trick-or-treated, and celebrated our little friend’s 2nd birthday. So much fun in one day! Laney could hardly contain herself.

I couldn’t help getting a couple of Halloween surprises for our girl. That bed head… oy! Hoping that phase ends soon!

We started off the morning with a little photo shoot. Thanks to my super sweet and talented neighbor/friend Kelly for making the mermaid skirt!

Carved and painted a few pumpkins. Painting was necessary on a couple since we had purchased before our Hawaii trip (and they were near the end of their useful life).

Finally it was time for the big event!

Birthday bash cuties!

And we Snap Chatted a little fun to Uncle Jacob, but it was too cute not to save.

Hope everyone had no tricks and lots of treats! 🙂


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