Month 9 Belly Pics

16 Dec

Week 33: Size of Pineapple


Week 34: Size of Cantaloupe


Week 35: Size of Butternut Squash


36 Weeks: Romaine Lettuce (apparently I like this sweatshirt lol)


Here is a recap of month 9:

Sleep: I think I’m fairly prepared for lack of sleep, since I am getting up every 2-3 hours anyway. 🙂

What I’ve missed: Energy and not feeling like a beached whale.

Food cravings/adversions: I have had to cut out beef from my diet – it doesn’t end well. Ice cream and pancakes still sound terrible. But I sure do love Christmas treats! 🙂

Symptoms: My heartburn has been much more tolerable this last week. YAY! I have had a pulled muscle or something in my upper back for the last week, but it’s feeling better. Other than the usual aches and pains and fatigue from carrying around two babies, I am feeling pretty good! I am very, very thankful for a smooth, uneventful pregnancy!

What we’re looking forward to:
Meeting our boys!! :):)

Had our sonogram this morning, and they are looking great! About 6 lbs each!

What we’re listening to:
Christmas music, of course! 🙂 Oh and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, because some little girl has become re-obsessed!


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