12.19.16 – Greyson and Oliver

19 Dec

Greyson and Oliver. Two long awaited additions to our family arrived the morning of December 19, 2016. It was a whirlwind of a day. It was my first c-section, and the boys had a bit of respiratory distress and low blood sugar which led to spending most of the week in the hospital. It was a little tough emotionally at times, but nothing compared to the joy we felt finally getting to hold our boys, introducing them to their big sister and extended family, and finally bringing them home Christmas Eve morning. (I literally cried tears of joy pulling into our neighborhood.)

The hospital staff was incredibly amazing and made the week so much easier. I really can’t thank our nurses enough. We also couldn’t have survived the week without Mimi who traded on and off with Kyle staying with Laney and me. We love you and thank you!

Some iPhone snaps of our hospital stay and journey home:

A few photos from our first few days home:

Greyson Parker and Oliver Lincoln, you are loved beyond measure. The best two Christmas gifts ever!

Things I don’t want to forget from these first few weeks:

  1. Greyson’s dinosaur/piggie snorts and grunts. We have to LOL sometimes at the noises he makes, even if they keep us up at night. He also is a very active sleeper with lots of smiles and eye movements.
  2. Oliver’s (AKA Mr. Serious) serious facial expressions and the way he stares off into the distance like he’s deep in thought. He is also our sleepy boy so far.
  3. How proud I am of Laney. I know it’s not easy on her, and she has had some tough moments. But she loves these two boys so deeply, and that sibling bond is what I have prayed to give her for so long. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of how she cares for “the brothers.” She is constantly kissing and hugging on them and saying she loves them. It’s her first thought in the morning and the last thing she does at night (besides also saying Good Night and Good Morning to Alexa lol).
  4. How blessed and proud I am to have Kyle as my husband. He is a true partner in this parenting journey. He pushes me to take care of myself, takes on chores like laundry and bottle washing without complaint, and loves on our family with a patience, caring, and selflessness that I aspire to have. He is my better half, and I am thankful he took an extended leave. (And slightly panicking for the day he goes back to work.)
  5. On a less sentimental note…diaper changing these boys has been an adventure. Between the pee incidents and their large dirty loads… there have been many moments where Kyle and I end up laughing hysterically at the “fun” of boy diapers.

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