9.12.17 – Happy 5th Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep

Dear Delaney,

FIVE! Wow! I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were praying so hard for God to make us parents. But at the same time it seems like you were always a part of our family, and we just get the joy of learning a little more about who you are each day.

What a big year it has been for you! For all of us, really. You not only became a big sister, but a big sister to TWIN BROTHERS. You have grown in so many ways – we both have – but you especially. You have exceeded every expectation I had of you before your brothers were born. You are just the best big sister on the planet, and I really could not be more proud of you. For example, I was putting Greyson down for a nap the other day and Oliver was tired and upset. You got your stool out of the bathroom, mixed up a bottle, and started feeding him for me. I didn’t even know you knew how to do that! It was just one of the many moments my heart swells with pride watching you be an amazing sister. You play with them, watch out for their safety, and love on them… and man, do they love you back!

Sweet girl, you give me so much grace, and I really can’t thank you enough. When I lay down at night, I worry about if I was too hard on you, if I wasn’t patient enough, if I didn’t give you enough of my time. I fail a lot – especially when I’m tired or overwhelmed. I do my best to admit my mistakes, but I am far from perfect. But you are always quick to forgive, and you love me anyway. I hope you never stop giving those around you grace – and especially give some to yourself. I’m afraid some of my perfectionist tendencies have worn off on you, and I want you to remember to go easy on yourself too! I just pray I am always enough in your eyes.

You are so funny and silly, and you bring us so much joy. You make us laugh regularly with your wit, silly voices, creative thinking, and mispronounced or mixed up words. I watch you sing and dance in the back seat to your favorite songs, and it makes me smile. I hope you never lose your happy demeanor and sense of humor. This world certainly needs more happy!

You definitely have your daddy’s curiosity. You are always asking me about how something works or why something is the way it is. I love that you want to know more about the world around you – even if it wears me out sometimes. đŸ™‚ I hope you never lose that sense of curiosity and wonder.

You are smart, kind, brave, and beautiful. You are a child of God and so loved. I know you get tired of hearing those things from me, but they are true. I am so, so blessed God chose me to be your mama.

Love you so much! Happiest birthday, my sweet girl!




Colors – pink, purple, and blue

Songs – Taylor Swift, “Boom, Crash,” Daya, soundtracks from SING, Lion Guard, and Moana

Foods – peanut butter, “fruit snacks and bar,” macaroni and cheese, waffles, bananas

Activities – play dates with friends, pretend play, “Mom/Dad, pretend this…”, jumping on the trampoline, crafts, soccer, and watching TV

Future occupation: Pop star princess daughter




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