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10.7.17 – Fair Oaks Farms

7 Oct

We met my side of the family at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana for the Cowtober festival. It was another unseasonably warm fall day, which was great for being outside with the kiddos. The boys did so awesome with being off schedule and all of the driving. We had a blast touring the farm and eating yummy food. Here are a few pics and videos from our adventure.


8.18.17 – Summer Reflections

18 Aug

There are so many pros and cons to social media. It can make us feel more connected, but it can also make us feel less than. Comparison is the thief of joy, as they say, and it’s easy to start comparing ourselves to others. We tend to put our best out on the interwebs, and it’s easy to forget that those moments are just a snapshot of a person’s day. Everyone has struggles just like you.

I caught myself in one of these comparison spirals this summer. As I saw everyone marking items off of their summer bucket lists full of fun, I was struggling to get myself showered and dressed before 3:00 PM. It was mid July, and I started feeling bad that Laney hadn’t been to the pool or to the library for the summer reading program or to any parks or to the lake…

But I stopped myself. There were lots of things we had done! I hosted and arranged one million play dates to keep Laney busy and give her some social time. We went on an airplane to the beach for a week, made road trips to visit family, attended summer music class, walked on the new trail by our house, and played on the slip-and-slide. She went fishing with Daddy and attended circus camp and VBS. We had dinners with friends. I even took all three kids to the library and to Target the other day, and we all survived!

Then Mimi and Annie came to visit and we finally made it to the pool and even went to the county fair! Laney declared that was the best day!

Last week we made a final summer road trip to Indiana for a swim and a trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

And I reminded myself…it’s OK for her to be bored once in awhile. I tried my best to create a few fun memories while also doing what was best for the boys. She’s learning about being a big sister (and she’s an amazing one!). That sometimes we have to do what is best for someone else in the family for awhile. It’s a short phase, and this is one summer of many. And it was a pretty darn good one!


12.3.16 – Weekend wrap-up

3 Dec

It was a busy week of firsts at our house this week.

Laney had her first “basketball game.”

We are really blessed to live in a town with a great parks & rec program. She loves basketball nights!

Saturday (after our Santa visit) was her big dance recital – The Littlest Nutcracker. She was so excited and looked adorable, and we were so proud of how hard she tried during her performance. I’m not going to lie – I got a little emotional as I saw her running up to the stage with her “big kid dancer.” Between the basketball game, the recital, and my pregnancy hormones…my heart just couldn’t take the cuteness this week. These are some of the moments I have dreamed about since finding out she was a girl. And that little smile and pose at the end when her classmates walked off stage? heart.melted. I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama!

She may have had the biggest and best fan club there. We love our family so!

It was her first recital and it may be her last. She’s already decided she wants to go back to gymnastics next year, which surprised me a little…but we really just want to give her the opportunity to try different things. I really can’t say enough good about the dance school she went to – if you are local and looking for a place for your little dancer, let me know!

We also had our first snow of the season! Had to break out a couple of Christmas gifts early, but it was worth it…Laney, Annie, and Kyle made a huge snowman and had a blast in the winter wonderland!

It was a super fun weekend! Can’t believe our next family visit will include our new additions!! Better go rest up now. 🙂


11.24.16 – Thanksgiving Weekend

26 Nov

Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving with full hearts and full bellies! We started the week off with celebrating some special birthdays. Laney was so excited to celebrate her daddy – especially since there was cake and cookies involved. 😉


Then we headed up to visit Kyle’s family for Thanksgiving day. The day was filled with delicious food and wonderful company, and Laney had so much fun playing with her cousins.

We got home yesterday, and Laney just couldn’t wait to put up the Christmas tree. We have some more decorating to do today, but witnessing her excitement with each ornament makes me look forward to all the magic this holiday will bring!

Time to get back to my holiday shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping! 🙂


9.5.16 – NYC!

5 Sep

Kyle and I went on a little “baby moon” over Labor Day weekend to New York City! Our friend, Fatima, graciously invited us to stay with her and planned a super fun weekend for us complete with an itinerary. I decided not to take my camera, but I still snapped a few pics on my phone. Here is a little recap of our weekend:

Day 1: Arrive to NYC in the evening and meet Fatima at her place. She lives in Hell’s Kitchen really close to Times Square with an awesome view of the sunset every night!

We had a late dinner at ABC Kitchen. One of my favorite parts about our trip was all the yummy restaurants Fatima planned for us to visit. Almost all of them had smaller portion sizes. We ordered a bunch of items to sample and share which was really fun. ABC Kitchen had an amazing atmosphere with delicious local, organic menu options.

Day 2: Kyle and I spent the morning having breakfast in Bryant Park and exploring. We met Fatima for lunch at the Rink Lounge at Rockefeller Center. Then we did the “Top of the Rock” to check out the views at the top of Rockefeller Center. The weather was perfect! Then we walked over to Central Park and hung out for a bit before heading back to relax before our play. We picked up some Shake Shack for dinner and headed to see Book of Mormon and really enjoyed it.

Day 3: Kyle and I headed to find the “best bagel” in NYC at Best Bagel, and it was really good. We did a little more exploring including checking out the Flat Iron building. We had a late brunch at a really fun restaurant called Beauty and Essex. Then we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and left a little lock there. After the bridge, we headed over to Soho to do a little shopping. We ended the night at Graffiti where Kyle and I had our first taste of Indiana French food, and it was really yummy! We topped it off with a little ice cream down the street from Big Gay Ice Cream.

Our flight was the next morning, so we made a stop at Amy’s Bread to get some breakfast and goodies for the road. The weekend flew by. We can’t thank Fatima enough for hosting us and planning such a fun weekend for us. Time to get ready for a very special girl’s birthday and these baby boys’ arrival!

2.29.16 – February Recap

29 Feb

Ready for a really random update? We tried to keep busy in February in an attempt to beat the winter blues. Laney had a lot of firsts: first time roller skating, bowling, and sledding! We asked her if she wanted to go bowling the other day, and she said, “I already did that!” Maybe too many firsts in one month makes her think there is an infinite number of new things to try. haha!

Our girl is almost officially 3 1/2! She is definitely the sunshine in our day. She makes us laugh with the silly things she says and the words she mixes up. Everything happened “yesterday” or will happen “tomorrow.” Her imagination has really taken off. She loves to pretend to get ready for school or that it is our birthdays so we can sing happy birthday. She also plays “daddy whale” where Kyle and Laney flop around on the couch and pretend they are daddy and baby whale in the water. She loves to be silly and laugh and is a happy girl most of the time. She is also starting to exert independence in wanting to dress herself and put her shoes on by herself (at least most of the time).

She is still in a phase where she won’t say hi to new people or people we haven’t seen in awhile, which is a surprise for us because she has always been outgoing. She still LOVES TV and movies, so we have to monitor her screen time. Go Diego Go, Daniel Tiger, Dora the Explorer, Inside Out, and Big Hero 6 are some of the latest favorites. She still loves everything animal and music related. She LOVES books and going to the library. And she is currently obsessed with her The Night Before Christmas pop-up book. Dance parties, playing with little mermaid or animal figures, play-doh, hidden pictures, dress up, playing with my jewelry, puzzles, and board games (Uno and Pop the Pig) are other favorite pastimes. She also loves holidays and keeps asking what comes next.

She is still a picky eater, but is getting better. She will try at least one bite of anything we ask. She definitely has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate and ice cream. Panera broccoli cheese soup, mac and cheese (shells), smoothies, and fruit are the current favorites.

Here are a few other random snaps from the month:

If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen this. But our girl recently learned to spell her name, and she loves to do it all of the time! She is also really into spelling any letters she sees out and about. Makes me excited for her to learn words!

Finally, Laney LOVES “silly pictures” on Snapchat. Has anyone else tried the face swap? SO CREEPY!!

She can certainly test our patience, but we sure are blessed to have such a sweet, snuggly, happy baby girl! Love her so!

2.27.16 – Weekend Recap

27 Feb

I have time for a quick weekend recap while someone watches Dora the Explorer. We had a super fun and busy weekend! First, we headed to the Paul Mitchell School for a Princess Makeover Fundraiser. It was way bigger and better than I was anticipating – and also a little overwhelming at first for our girl. She was too shy to say hi to the princesses or talk to the stylists, but she warmed up a bit by the end. The donation included hair styling, makeup, nails, and coloring and crafts. Elsa also opened the event with singing “Let it Go!” which Laney was mesmerized by. She wanted to know where Elsa was at all times, and we finally convinced her to get a photo with her at the end (although I have no idea about that pose!). It was so much fun we signed up again next month!

On Sunday afternoon, we attended the Redbirds four-team gymnastics meet. It was so fun to watch. Laney lost interest towards the end, but she loved it!

Monday we got outside to enjoy some sunshine (even thought it was quite windy) before the gloomy weather hit today. We attempted a picnic, but ended up eating in the trunk of the car. We had fun exploring and swinging before heading home to warm up.

Hope everyone has a great week!