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9.10.17 – California Recap

10 Sep

This is going to be a mega post, because we had a mega fun trip. Kyle was given the opportunity to go to San Diego as a reward for completing an insurance designation through his employer. We decided to make it a fifth birthday/big sister trip for Delaney. We headed to Disneyland for a few nights and then drove down the coast to finish our trip in Coronado outside of San Diego. We wore ourselves out but had a blast. The first couple days in Disneyland were HOT!! But her joy and excitement made all of the sweat worth it. 🙂

Day 1: We arrived mid-morning California time. We did some exploring of Disneyland Park and caught the Mickey Soundsational Parade before calling it an early night.

Day 2: Early to bed, early to rise as they say. We headed into Downtown Disney for breakfast and over to California Adventure Park for the Magic Hour. Magic hour was awesome – we were able to ride a ton of rides quickly. Our favorite was the Cars area and ride, but we also rode the Little Mermaid ride about five times before lunch. Lunch was Laney’s character dining experience. She was so excited to meet the princesses and have them sign her book. But she was a little disappointed they weren’t actually joining us for lunch. Oops! Should have explained that better. 🙂 After lunch, we got to meet Elena plus Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. It was, “The best day ever!” 🙂 We stayed up late to catch of the World of Color show, which ended up being a mistake. It was drizzling rain, Laney was so exhausted and she wanted to leave at the Pirates of the Caribbean fire display part (too scary). It would have been neat to see under different circumstances.

Day 3: The fun continued back in Disneyland after the character breakfast in our hotel. Laney didn’t know who the characters were, but the food was tasty and she still enjoyed it. We went in for magic hour and met the princess again, since we had some time to kill before Laney’s makeover. The Elsa makeover was back in Downtown Disney and was a really fun experience. She loved every second, but it was too hot to wear her dress. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of Disneyland Park. We met Jasmine, Moana, and Mickey! Plus had the scariest time on Splash Mountain. It was a great last day!

San Diego: Day 1

The drive down to San Diego was one of the grown ups’ favorite parts of the trip. We stopped at a couple of beaches along the way, which Laney did not want to leave. It was a gorgeous day and very relaxing after a busy few days in Disney. We headed to the beach when we got to our hotel and watched the sunset. Laney also found her calling as a seagull chaser.

San Diego: Day 2

On Day 2, we decided to head to La Jolla and go on a kayak adventure. It was a workout! It was pretty windy and choppy but we saw lots of sea lions. We did a little shopping and stopped by the Baked Bear (YUMMM) on our way back to Coronado.

San Diego: Day 3

We headed over to Liberty Public Market and Balboa Park where we checked out the Aviation and Space Museum.

San Diego: Day 4

On our last day, Laney was kinda really over exploring. We spent the morning at the beach and convinced her to go to the Safari Park with us later (I really wanted to see it). It was beautiful, and I wished we had more time there. But it was a really nice way to end our trip!

It was an amazing trip, and it was so fun to spend time with Laney one-on-one, but we were all excited to be home with these two cutie pies.

Thank you, Mimi, Grandpa, and Annie for a fun getaway and taking such good care of “the brothers” while we were gone!

12.11.15 – Christmas at the Zoo

11 Dec

Laney and I made a quick trip to Indiana to go to Christmas at the Zoo in Indianapolis with my family. Laney was WIRED and running all over the place. She absolutely loved the dolphin show and was quite upset when another little girl got to go up and pet/feed the dolphin and she didn’t. Luckily, she was able to get a hands-on experience by petting little sharks. It was a super fun night! Here are a few phone snaps:

9.19.15 – Brookfield Zoo

19 Sep

The weekend after Laney’s big birthday bash we headed up to Chicago to spend time with the Pott family. We took the kiddos to Brookfield Zoo. It was Laney’s first time there, and my first time since childhood. We had great weather and a super fun time exploring. Laney’s favorite part? The goats. She always prefers to touch the animals rather than just look at them. 🙂

We also enjoyed s’mores by Nana and Papa’s new awesome water feature. A fun time for all!

8.5.14 – Group Trip

5 Aug

Oh hey blog friends… nice to see ya! I am in the midst of a very busy part of the year for my photography business, so I haven’t been able to devote as much time to my blog as I have in the past. However, I did want to share our last little vacation we took this summer.

The first weekend in August we took a little trip to southern Indiana/Cincinnati with our friends. We stayed outside of the city at a very nice house on a very picturesque piece of land. Deer and ducks came on the property every day, which Laney loved! Plus it had a trampoline and fire pit, which everyone enjoyed.

Here is a quick recap of our long weekend:

Day 1 – We all arrived at the house and had a little popcorn party. That evening we took it easy and enjoyed some hotdogs and s’mores.

2014-08-01 17.18.56 2014-08-01 18.05.32 2014-08-01 18.43.41

Day 2 – We decided to head into Cincinnati and explore the riverfront. We came up on a horrible car accident minutes after it happened. Thankfully everyone was OK. Two of our three cars made it through while the third got stuck for a few hours on the interstate. We still managed to check out one of the bridges and the aquarium before heading back to the house with some exhausted little girls!

Day 3 – We decided to stay close so the girls could nap. We visited a local park and had a cookout for lunch. That evening we headed to Montgomery Inn for some barbecue. We headed downtown for some ice cream afterwards, and the girls enjoyed the broadcasted symphony music.

Day 4 – We headed to the Cincinnati Zoo. Laney of course loved it. She didn’t want to leave the goats or the monkeys. It was a toasty but fun day!

Overall, it was a great trip, but as always we were very happy to be home! Can’t believe summer is almost over. It was so busy, but we sure had a lot of fun!

6.6.14 – Zoo Friday

6 Jun

We have had some gorgeous weather the last couple of days. Today I decided we should take better advantage of it, so we headed to the local zoo.

First stop was Australia where a male kangaroo was just hanging out right in the entrance. Laney of course immediately started waving and saying “hiii.” She ran over to pet his ear, and I went to grab her at the same time the sweet little kangaroo hissed at her (like a cat but way worse). I think that helped her get the message about petting animals at the zoo. 🙂

594A8680 594A8687 594A8688

We then met a little boy and his mom and warned them about the angry kangaroo. Turns out Laney and her friend were born five days apart, and we had fun hanging with them the rest of the visit. My favorite part was when we saw the big steer. Both kiddos were yelling “cow” and “mooo” and waving their arms and saying “swooosh” like the cow’s big tail that was wagging like crazy. It was the cutest!

Her favorite exhibit? Not a real animal at all…the fake tiger statue which she sat on for what seemed like forever.

594A8719 594A8730

Here I am trying to convince her to come back out of the hot, smelly cat house.


She also enjoyed the fish, birds, and meerkat.

594A8695 594A8699 594A8740 594A8743 594A8745 2014-06-06 10.56.04

It was a super fun day! Tonight she had another fun run. She’s the cutest!

2014-06-06 18.00.18 2014-06-06 18.11.31

Happy weekend, everyone!

12.3.11 – Zooventure

4 Dec

We stepped out of the hotel room today to venture to the Philadelphia Zoo.  It was a beautiful day for being December 3, and we had a great time.  We were surprised by how many different animals we were able to see during the off-season.  Kyle’s favorite was the Galapagos turtles while Jamie’s favorite was the baby cats.  A jaguar and a snow leopard had recently given birth to some adorable little cubs.  Here are some pictures:

*disclaimer: my camera battery was dead, so these are iPhone pics.

After the zoo, we found a theater near our new home and decided to check out Hugo.  Kyle did not enjoy it, but Jamie thought it was pretty good (you can probably wait and catch on DVD with those mixed reviews).  We then “yelped” a restaurant and decided on Francelli’s Italian. It was pretty cozy in the restaurant, and we were seated right next to this lovely older couple.  The wife grew up in Pekin, Illinois of all places! Their grandson is going to be playing football for Northwestern, and they were very familiar with Central Illinois.  They met at the University of Wisconsin and have lived in PA for 30 years. They assured us that we would love the area, which was comforting to hear. Small world!  It was an evening of good food and good company!

All-and-all – a pretty successful first day!  Looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. 🙂